B140 Bar Base

MSRP : $175.00

Our B140 Bar Base features a ridged design that is arrayed around the center column. The design allows for a contemporary but interesting base that adds interest to any table design. 
B141 17” Diameter
B142 22” Diameter
B143 30” Diameter

22" Diameter base is suitable for 36" x 36" square, 24" x 42", 24" x 48", 30" x 42", and 30" x 48" rectangular tables, and 36" Round tables.

30" Diameter base is suitable for 42" x 42" square, and 48", 54", and 60" Round tables.

Dimensions : Varies, with a bar column 40.5” in height

 Woodsmiths is proud to offer many table bases for our array of custom dining tables. These bases are cast iron with a base, column, rod, and spider, which can all be interchanged to provide you with the perfect look for your table. 

All bases come with the following components:
Base Plate
Central Column
Top Spider (connects to table top)
Central rod connector (connects top spider to base plate)
Bottom Levelers to stabilize table on uneven floors

Bases come knocked down to ship more easily.

All of our table bases are commercial grade and able to be specified in heavy commercial traffic uses, such as restaurants. All table bases have levelers to allow for adjustment.

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