LED Strip Split Slab Top

This solid wood slab table is a selection of two wood slabs with a custom LED lighting strip down the center. We carefully hand select and combine the slabs to make them into one table. The custom stainless steel base, also handcrafted in our factory, and stainless steel accents elevates the design past rustic, and would be comfortable in any high end conference room, co-working space, or chef’s table. 

Dimensions : 120” x 42” x 30” OH

Our solid wood slab tables are perfect for so many environments. Install them as a conference table in your office paired with bright chairs, or as a dining room table to wow your family over the holidays. Our tables are crafted from hand selected wood solids in many varieties of species, from maple to elm, to walnut. We seal knots and cracks with resin, buff the live edges of bark down so that they are textured but don’t snag, and finish the whole thing off with a commercial grade finish. All of our slab tops are custom - if you like what you see in the images above, add the product to your inquiry and we can quote you for a similar piece or get in touch about any changes you’d like to make. It’s as easy as that! 

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